I love sweets! I love baking them and I love sharing them even more.

I asked my husband for a kitchenaid stand mixer one year for Christmas and the rest is history!

Well, not really…but that purchase eventually led to us buying sugar and flour in bulk on a fairly regular basis. I was constantly working on new recipes and giving away my experiments. Kyle was the first one to suggest we build a business around the hobby – at least enough to make back what we were spending on tools and ingredients. Requests from our friends started to trickle in as well.


As it made more and more sense to lean into the business idea, I worried about losing the heart behind my baking – sharing good things with people.

I put so much time and effort into developing and testing every recipe, sourcing every ingredient and decorating every cake – all for that moment that I get to make someone else’s day with a sweet treat.  So we decided to make that a part of what we do at Bestow everyday!  And we hope that you will too!  

Our Logo

We believe that generosity happens when we are not tight fisted with the things we have. Open hands and open hearts empower us to share the good in our own lives with others.

Our Mission

Baked goods can be used to communicate love, gratitude or sympathy. They can be used to make someone feel special or brighten a gloomy day. Whatever the message, our mission is to make it easy for our customers to share good things with the people around them.